Auburn, Michigan
Offering hot air balloon adventures
in the Tri-Cities area of Mid-Michigan

Ride a gentle breeze above the earth for an experience of a lifetime
Personalized rides - 2 or 3 passengers        Gift certificates available for all occasions
Rate:  $200.00 per passenger
($210.00 if paid by credit card)

Gift certificates do not expire. 
(After 12 months we reserve the right to charge any difference in our rates if they should increase)

IT IS NOT UNCOMMON FOR US TO HAVE TO RESCHEDULE RIDES.  It is the nature of hot air ballooning that it could take up to several scheduled dates before your ride actually takes place.  Safety is the most important factor, so weather conditions must be favorable before a ride will take place.  Sometimes flights are aborted on the launch field if weather conditions don't cooperate.  This is done for your safety.  Once your lucky day arrives for a flight, it will be worth every minute of the wait.  These are non-champagne flights.

If you prefer to call us...
Please keep in mind that we don't normally answer the phone due to a high number of solicitors calling.  Please leave a message and your number and we will return your call as soon as possible.